Transforming Education In The Swine Industry | Dr. Márcio Gonçalves

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About the Guest

Dr. Márcio Gonçalves graduated in Veterinary Medicine from a leading university in Brazil. After working in commercial swine production, he pursued his Ph.D. from Kansas State University in Applied Swine Nutrition. Upon graduation, he worked as a global swine nutritionist for a major swine genetic company, working with producers from over 20 countries, and has conducted 120 swine-related experiments to date. Currently, Márcio is the founder and CEO at Swine it, with a mission to positively impact 300,000 swine professionals through knowledge dissemination by the end of 2023.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • How SwineIt was founded
  • Why education in the swine industry need to change
  • How education is evolving in the swine industry
  • Who the target audience will be as education changes
  • How we can inspire the next generation to become leaders in the swine industry
  • Dr. Márcio Gonçalves “golden nugget”