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The Code | Ross Bernstein

About the Guests

Ross Bernstein is the bestselling author of 40 sports books including The Code and I Love Brett Favre/I Hate Brett Favre. He has appeared on more than 1,000 local and national television and radio programs. His work has been featured on CNN and ESPN and in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal. As a sought-after motivational speaker, he speaks to corporations and groups across the country about the inspirational legacy of the late Herb Brooks, Hall of Fame coach of the fabled 1980 gold-medal-winning U.S. Olympic “Miracle on Ice” hockey team. He lives in Eagan, Minnesota.

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Pork Board Through the Years | Mike Telford, Danita Rodibaugh, and David Newman

About the Guests

Mike Telford is a senior executive with more than 35 years of experience in organization management including associations, foundations and for-profit subsidiaries. His credited commitment to the pork industry is evident with Telford Consulting, LLC, where he provides administrative and marketing services for clients with highly technical issues. Clients include the Iowa Farm Animal Care, where he currently serves as executive director, National Pork Producers Council, American Berkshire Association, National Pork Board (2001-2014), National Swine Registry (2006-2011) and U.S. Livestock Genetics Exports (2006-2011).

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Griess Farms Founding Story | Nathan Griess

About the Guest

Griess Farms, firmly rooted in Faith and nestled in the Heartland of America, Nebraska, stands as a testament to family values and unwavering commitment. Our operational philosophy revolves around farrow-to-wean swine reproduction, with a steadfast dedication to fostering robust and fast-growing wean pigs. Central to our success is our hands-on approach and continuous on-site training, cultivating a culture of effective leadership. At the helm of this enterprise, Marty and Les Griess steer the ship, propelling us towards constant progress. In my role, I wholeheartedly support their endeavors, particularly in the realms of technology and day-to-day on-site leadership. Our proudest achievement lies in producing top-tier wean pigs, a contribution that lays the foundation for superior pork products to be enjoyed by generations to come.

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ASF Successes and Failures…A Tour Overseas| Dr. Dustin Oedekoven

About the Guest

Dr. Dustin “Dusty” Oedekoven has been the chief veterinarian for National Pork Board since February 2022. In this role, he leads a team of veterinarians and swine production experts in Pork Checkoff-funded work. Notably, the team collaborates with state and federal health officials, the National Pork Producers Council, Swine Health Information Center, universities and other national organizations to identify and execute strategic action and research to prepare and protect the U.S. herd from African swine fever and other costly threats. Dr. Oedekoven most recently served as State Veterinarian and Executive Secretary for the South Dakota Animal Industry Board, where he provided strategic leadership and direction for the state’s animal health agency – a seven-member, governor-appointed board of livestock producers with responsibility for all animal health programs and disease control efforts in the state.  

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Establishing A Winning Culture On The Farm  | Janae Metzger

About the Guest

Upon graduating with an Animal Science degree in 2014, Janae started working for a family swine farm in Minnesota. In July of 2015, Janae had the opportunity to return to the family farm with the completion of a new 4400 sow farm. Now serving as the HR manager for the entire business, she focuses on all aspects of HR and supporting the swine team for a few days as well. Janae is a mom and wife and is often seen on the farm with her family in tow.

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The Pork Industry Immersion Program Partnership | Seth Mitchell

About the Guest

Seth Mitchell is the manager of state pork industry relations in a multi-experiential pork industry immersion program organized by the National Pork Board, National Pork Producers Council and several state pork associations. In his current role at the National Pork Board, Mitchell supports the Producer and State Engagement team by presenting at various meetings and attending producer-facing events. At these events, he focuses on engaging niche, independent and show pig producers in conversations about their on-farm biosecurity practices and National Pork Board biosecurity resource utilization.

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Pig Talk | Matthew Rooda & Chris Grant

About the Guest

Chris Grant is the President of Innovative Heating Technologies (IHT) out of Winnipeg, MB Canada. After a 15 year career managing plastic manufacturing that moved him around the country, he was looking for a change in life and career. In 2013 he took the leap and partnered with Matt Robins by purchasing IHT. By combining their plastics and electrical backgrounds, they were able to create the most energy efficient and reliable heat pad for farrowing. Their technology has helped clients around the world drastically reduce their energy consumption on their farms. IHT is also leading the development of other heating and cooling projects for commercial and agricultural applications which include a partnership with Purdue University on “Sow Cooling” to combat heat stress.

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The Manager Bought The Farm | Dustin Coleman

About the Guest

Dustin Coleman, a stalwart in the Swine Industry since 2012, now proudly owns Coleman Quality Pork. His journey began humbly as a farmhand at Fisher Hog Farms, where his relentless work ethic and resilience paved the way to his ownership in 2021. Nestled in Middletown, Missouri, Dustin and his dedicated team manage a breed-to-wean facility housing approximately 2,500 sows, focusing on raising healthy pigs that will nourish people worldwide.

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Winning the Insect Biosecurity War | Tom Pastor

About the Guest

Tom Pastor, a native of western Pennsylvania, now resides on a picturesque 10.5 acre homestead in the heart of south-central Pennsylvania. This expansive property, shared with his wife Dorothy of 35 years, hosts a vibrant livestock population that includes 30 meat goats and Dorothy’s prized Cubalaya and Bielfelder chickens. Tom’s journey in the world of animal production began with a B.S. degree from Penn State University in 1986, and was later augmented by a business certificate from Belmont University in 2001. A committed professional in the swine industry, Tom has accumulated 37 years of expansive and varied experience. His journey has taken him through all phases of the industry – managing sow units for DeKalb Swine Breeders in Kansas and Farm Crest Feeds in Pennsylvania, serving as a field representative for Farm Crest Feeds, and acting as a sales and service representative for PIC for a remarkable 20 years.

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Wean-Finish Efficiencies – The Often Overlooked Areas | Nat Stas

About the Guest

Nat Stas is a Technical Services Manager for PIC, joining the company in May of 2017. Nat has been in the commercial swine industry for 10 years, gathering experience within production, research and academia. After receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from Pennsylvania State University, Nat spent some time in production. Nat then went onto complete a Masters Degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Illinois with Dr. Mike Ellis, focusing on swine genetics and reproduction. In addition to Nat’s commitment to the commercial swine industry, he currently stays involved in the American Society of Animal Science and many livestock youth development and swine research programs. Nat resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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