The Creation of Genvax Technologies | Joel Harris

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About the Guest

Joel is the CEO and Co-founder of Genvax Technologies. Formerly he was the Director of Product at GlobalVetLINK and was VP of Harrisvaccines, which Merck Animal Health acquired in November of 2015. Along with coordinating investor relations and mentoring at the Ag Startup Engine, he participates in several advisory and mentoring roles to entrepreneurs and startups in the SaaS, Agtech, Biotech, and Healthcare industries. Joel holds a degree in economics from the University of Iowa and a professional certificate in public relations, marketing, and non-fiction writing from Northwestern University.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • The Harris family history in pig production.
  • What saRNA is and the impact that it can make.
  • What the relationship between United Animal Health and Genvax means to the industry.
  • What Genvax is focusing on in the short term and long term.
  • What producers should know about Genvax.
  • Joel Harris’s “golden nugget”.