Transforming a Business into a Globally Recognizable Brand | Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp

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About the Guest

Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp

Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp is the general Manager for Crystal Spring Brasil and for the past 6 years also has the role of Director of Global Strategy for Crystal Spring Hog Equipment. In addition to nearly 30 years of experience in business development, project management, manufacturing, logistics, and customer service, Natalia also holds a degree in Business Management, a graduate degree in Foreign Commerce, and a master’s degree in Project and Business Management.

Natalia is passionate for the hog industry and over the past years developed important projects in marketing, branding and in developing business strategies to grow brands worldwide. Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Natalia speaks Portuguese, English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. She currently lives in Omaha, Nebraska (USA) with her husband Todd and their 11-year-old son, Arthur.


Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp

What you can expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig.

  • Natalia’s Approach to Transforming a Global Business into a Recognizable Brand: Listeners will learn from Natalia’s experience in elevating a global business to a renowned global brand. The discussion will cover her strategies in branding, ensuring messaging consistency across diverse cultures and languages, and her overall communication strategy that contributed to this success.
  • Natalia’s Insights on the Global Industry’s Future: The podcast will delve into Natalia’s perspective on the future trends and developments in the industry on a global scale. Listeners will gain an understanding of what Natalia foresees for the industry in the coming years, including potential challenges and opportunities.
  • Crystal Spring’s Strategic Plans as Informed by Natalia: Natalia will discuss the specific strategies and initiatives that Crystal Spring is planning to undertake in response to the changing needs of the industry. This will provide listeners with a real-world example of how a company is adapting and innovating in response to market dynamics.
  • Learning from Natalia’s Experience in Meeting Industry Needs: The conversation will offer insights into how Natalia and Crystal Spring are addressing industry challenges and staying competitive. Listeners will learn about adapting to market changes, innovating in response to industry demands, and the importance of foresight in business strategy.
  • Natalia Rimi Heisterkamp’s “golden nugget”