Demeter’s Founding Story & Role in the Modern Swine Industry | Dr. Martin Bonneau

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About the Guest

Dr. Martin Bonneau grew up on a pig farm in Saint-François de Montmagny. He graduated in veterinary medicine from the University of Montreal in 1993. From 1993 to 2004, he mainly worked for a Quebec genetics company as director of production and animal health. He founded Demeter Services Vétérinaires in 2004, with his colleague Sylvain Messier.

Dr. Martin Bonneau

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Early Farm Life and Veterinary Inspiration: Dr. Martin Bonneau’s childhood on a pig farm and  what led him into veterinary medicine.
  • The Inception of Demeter: What motivated Dr. Bonneau to start Demeter after a decade-long career and the initial challenges and successes of the venture.
  • Demeter’s Distinct Approach: Understanding what sets Demeter apart from other veterinary groups in terms of strategies and practices.
  • Future of Veterinary Groups and the Industry: Dr. Bonneau’s perspective on upcoming trends in veterinary services and the swine industry.
  • Advice for Aspiring Veterinarians: Dr. Bonneau’s guidance for new graduates and those aspiring to enter the veterinary field.
  • Dr. Martin Bonneau’s Golden Nugget: A key piece of wisdom or insight from Dr. Bonneau’s extensive experience.