Bridging Hutterite Traditions and Pork Industry Innovation | Anne Miller

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About the Guest

Anne Miller from Montana earned the Paulson-Whitmore Award for State Executives. Miller’s loyalty to Montana agriculture led her down the path as a dual state executive for the Montana Pork Association and Wyoming Pork Producers Council. Her notable accomplishments included volunteering on the committee that developed the We Care® Ethical Principles; serving on the committee to hire two National Pork Board CEOs; and advocating for pork quality with meat processors in the state.

Anne Miller

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Anne’s journey from AmeriCorps to pork industry leadership showcases a non-traditional path to success.
  • Unique aspects of Montana’s pork industry, especially within Hutterite communities.
  • Diverse representation on the pork board, facilitated by Anne to include voices from Hutterite colonies.
  • Crisis management insights from Anne’s experience in emergency services and pork production.
  • Anne’s “Golden Nugget”