Leveraging Technology and Teamwork to Address Covid-19 | Phillip Hord

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Phillip Hord is a fifth-generation pork producer and is continuing his family’s legacy at Hord Family Farms, which raises hogs and cattle as well as growing the crops to feed them. As a research coordinator, he helps to find innovative ways to care for the animals like improving their diets and much more. His father, Patrick Hord, serves as president of the business, and his grandfather, Duane Hord, is still part of the day-to-day operations. We spoke with Phil about Covid-19, their company’s response, and its impact on the US industry.

“Disease mitigation has always been a part of our DNA.”

– Phillip Hord

Top Quotes from Phillip Hord

  1. “It’s never been about how many sows we could have. It has been about quality and excellence and today I think that size is necessary in a commodity scenario to maintain an ability to be competitive.”
  2. “Disease mitigation has always been a part of our DNA.”
  3. “We have had the opportunity to be in the room with billion-dollar food companies. They are honestly hoping to understand how they can source products that they can sell to their consumer and tell the story of agriculture.”
  4. “I had a college professor that shared the acronym “Own It” with us. Open to Change and Growth, Wrestle with Ideas and Concepts, Never Compromise What is Important, Involve Others, and Have Total Commitment.”

What can you learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  1. A history of Hord Family Farms
  2. Hord Family Farm’s response to Covid-19
  3. Technology and its place in the swine industry
  4. Phil Hord’s “Golden Nugget”

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