EPI Air Technology and Its Impact on the Air Quality of the Pork Industry | Victor Munsen

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Victor Munsen has a degree in Biology from Johns Hopkins University, and an MBA in Operations and Technology Management from The University of Wisconsin, Madison. He has been a consultant to technology start-ups and established pharmaceutical companies. His expertise is in the validation of computer and technology systems for pharmaceutical companies trying to achieve FDA approval. In 2019 Victor joined EPI Air as the Chief Operations Officer with the intent of growing the company’s product line, customer base, and vision. In his spare time, Victor is an avid SCUBA diver, caver, and aspiring cave diver.

What can you learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Victor’s background and reason for joining EPI Air
  • EPI Air and the technology works
  • How EPI works in the barn and out of the barn
  • Learn about the widespread use of this technology and its many benefits
  • Learn about where EPI is headed and the possibilities they think exist
  • Victor’s Gold Nugget