UK Farropen Wins Innovation of the Year | Matthew Wilkin

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About the Guest

Matthew Wilkin is a pork producer and the owner of White Syke farm, a 2,000 sow family farm in Yorkshire, UK. He is also the inventor and co-founder of FARROPEN, which is a company that manufactures and distributes unique 360-degree farrowing pens. On White Syke Farm all of the sows are loose housed and farrowed in these 360-degree free farrowing pens designed and built in-house.

What can you learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Matthew Wilkin’s background and role in the swine industry
  • The history of loose housing and free farrowing in the UK
  • The benefits and challenges of loose housing and free farrowing
  • The reason Farropen was invented and what makes it different
  • Accounting for government regulations when making future business decisions
  • Matthew Wilkin’s “golden nugget”

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