The Scientific Impact of Water Quality: Myths & Facts | Andreas Funk

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About the Guest

Canadian small business owner and professional consultant Andreas Funk has over 25 years of experience working with livestock farmers to increase livestock operation productivity. Andreas built his reputation in water treatment; with a focus on the animal’s water diet. From understanding the needs on-farm to analyzing problematic areas, Andreas’s knowledge, service, and support have demonstrated the impact of a genuine passion for farming and the importance of fresh insight on livestock farms for application and practice.

What can you learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • How Andreas Funk became involved with the swine industry and what he does today.
  • What it means to have a good water diet and good water absorption.
  • The 3 basic ways that we can manipulate water.
  • A breakdown of the molecular components of water.
  • Increasing productivity in animals by using magnetic energy in water.
  • How water changes over time.
  • Andreas Funk’s “golden nugget”