The Importance of Technology and Communication When Facing Adversity | Dr. Brad Freking

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About the Guest

New Fashion Pork is headquartered in Jackson, Minnesota with Brad Freking as its CEO and managing partner.  Founded in 1994, New Fashion Pork (NFP) employs over 400 people and owns 53,000 sows in six states, along with having interests in several related businesses (i.e., Triumph Foods and Daily’s Premium Meats). Annually, NFP markets roughly 1.2 million hogs. 

What can you learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • How Dr. Brad Freking became involved with the swine industry. 
  • Some of the challenges that Brad and Meg faced when founding and growing New Fashion Pork.
  • Some of the lessons that were learned from Covid-19 and how to build resilience for the pork production supply chain.  
  • What is one “golden nugget” that you can share with listeners