Leaving No Piglet Behind | Dr. Seth Krantz

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About the Guest

Dr. Seth Krantz graduated from vet school at the University of Tennessee in 2010. Since then he has spent 2 years at a swine consulting practice and 9 years at Tosh Pork.  Today Dr. Krantz oversees animal health, well being, and research at Tosh. He is married to his wife Sandra and is the father of 6 year old twins named Oliver and Iris.

What can you learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Dr. Seth Krantz’s background and role today.
  • How big of a problem our Pre Wean Mortality (PWM) really is for producers, the supply chain, and the environment.
  • The key drivers of PWM.
  • PWM and its effects on employees.
  • Where Tosh Pork stands in regards to PWM.
  • How Dr. Krantz approaches PWM and pig cares.
  • What is next for Tosh Pork.
  • Dr. Seth Krantz’s “golden nugget”