Modernizing the Way We Learn | Jim Eadie

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About the Guest

Jim Eadie is the founder of and is pioneering in the modern technology of how Pork Producers access information timely and concisely starting in 2005. After growing the brand and business, the group expanded with a Marketing Consulting Service ( and spin-off sites for Dairy (, Poultry (, Crops (, and Beef ( Passionate about storytelling, brand building, and leveraging technology to break the news instantly, the websites, email lists, and social media have continued to accelerate how people use digital technologies in our industry as a management platform. He is married to his wife Tanya and is the father of two girls, Ayva 10 and Berkley 2.

What can you learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Jim Eadie’s background and role today.
  • The founding of and how it came together.
  • How the Industry can leverage digital technologies.
  • How to tell a story and its evolution.
  • Jim Eadie’s “golden nugget”