Creating Good Lactating Sows | Dr. Kiah Berg

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About the Guest

Dr. Kiah Berg grew up on a small show pig farm in Oregon where she found her passion for raising and feeding pigs. She earned her BS in animal science in K-State, and continued on to pursue a MS and PhD in Applied Swine Nutrition with the K-State team. During her graduate career, she had the opportunity to conduct many large scale sow nutrition trials on commercial sow farms including Hord Livestock, New Fashion Pork, Christensen Farms and Pillen Family Farms. In May of 2020 she joined Pipestone Nutrition. Today she does the sow diet formulation for the Pipestone Managed sow farms, Sow technical service, and leads the Nutrition wean to finish research. She resides with her Husband, Andrew, in Pipestone, MN.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Dr. Kiah Berg’s background and role today
  • What it means to create successful sows in farrowing
  • The challenges around the training & management of body condition
  • The timing and size of meals pre-farrow and how it impacts farrowing duration
  • Tips for helping Gilts succeed in the farrowing house
  • The challenge of finding consistency in the ROI of precision technologies
  • Dr. Kiah Berg’s “golden nugget”