Modern Consumer Behavior and Why It Matters | Steve Lerch

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About the Guest

Steve Lerch is a former Google executive, a consultant, and an award-winning international public speaker. He spent nearly a decade at Google designing the digital strategies and marketing campaigns of well known brands like GoPro, federal government agencies like the US Census, and national checkoff programs like the National Pork Board and Avocados From Mexico. Steve also served as a strategic thought leader at Google’s headquarters, where he taught thousands of Googler’s about the culture, processes, and philosophy that helped make Google one of the World’s most innovative companies. For the last three years Steve has served as the President and Founder of Story Arc Consulting, where he gives speeches, leads team workshops on strategic planning and innovations, and serves as a digital strategy and marketing consultant. Steve works across many industries, with a primary focus in food and agriculture.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Steve’s background at Google and involvement with the Pork Board
  • How Covid accelerated consumer trends and influence
  • Reasons that producers should care about the ways consumer shop
  • The role of big brands and what needs to be better
  • The importance of a strong digital strategy and how to get started
  • Steve’s “golden nugget”