The New Hat that Farmers Must Wear | Neil Dudley

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About the Guest

I’m a Texas gentleman who believes in hard work with a little fun thrown in. My day job is makin’ bacon at Pederson’s Farms as the Vice President. But, my most important job is lovin’ on my wife & three young daughters… and throwing in some cowboy stuff when I can.

As if that doesn’t keep me busy enough, I’ve picked up podcasting. You may know me from my Instagram account, The Cowboy Perspective. Most of the things I am confident in today stem from the things I learned and continue to learn from the cowboys and cowgirls in my life. The Cowboy Perspective is my way of telling that story in hopes of being a resource to others.

Saddle up, friends, and come along for the ride!

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Where we are today with traditional agriculture.
  • How individual values could matter more than taste.
  • Peterson’s approach to raising pigs and producing pork.
  • What GAP certified really means.
  • How being a 5th generation farmer changes perspective.
  • How the next generations will look at farming.
  • Neil Dudley’s “golden nugget”