PigFlow: Empowering Our People With Data | Sarah Ploeg

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  • “Getting started was so fast that it was like I blinked and we were running PigFlow. It was remarkable because there were no issues between blinking.”
  • “I have not looked at my notebooks since the moment that I logged into PigFlow. This is changing the industry!”
  • “PigFlow immediately changed the caretaker’s behaviors throughout the day.”
  • “Everything is entered as people are doing the work. No one sits in the office and enters data on a phone. There is not a single person including myself that is in the office. Unless we are taking lunch, we are all in the barn adding value with PigFlow.”
  • “You can see what every person is doing at any time!”
  • “PigFlow has transformed communication within the sow farm and it is so easy to translate in the app anything that I want to say to my team.”
  • “When my team picks up their phone in the morning everything that they need to know for the day is right there in the palm of their hand in the tasks section.”
  • “People can now see what is happening. Now when pre-wean mortality goes up .2% people are asking why and then are doing something about it.”