The Key To Success In Animal Welfare Programs | Jason McAlister

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About the Guest

Jason McAlister, president CloverLeaf Animal welfare Systems, started his career at the world-famous Gilbertville locker. He went on to work with IBP and Tyson until 2007, when he transitioned to Triumph Foods. He has since led their animal welfare program, was a past NAMI animal welfare committee chair, and served as an advisor to the National Pork Board’s animal welfare committee. Jason has taken part in many taskforce projects including the common swine industry audit task force. Jason founded Cloverleaf in 2007 to help small and medium-size businesses with their animal welfare programs. CloverLeaf has successfully expanded across the Americas with clients from Canada to Brazil. They have even expanded into Africa and are pursuing opportunities to make a difference in Europe.  

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Where we are today and how we need to assess ourselves.
  • The need for unity across the industry.
  • How we can identify opportunities around animal welfare.
  • The need for consistency in our education programs.
  • The need to have a well articulated plan to respond to extremist attacks.
  • Jason McAlister’s “golden nugget”