Debunking Myths about Sustainability & Nutrition in Animal Agriculture | Tara Vander Dussen

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About the Guest

Tara is a New Mexico native, 5th generation dairy farmer, an environmental scientist, and mom of two girls. Daniel, her husband, manages all day-to-day on his family dairy farm while Tara has her own career as an environmental consultant, speaker, and online agriculture advocate. Tara began sharing her story online through her platform, New Mexico Milkmaid, because she found that people often had misconceptions about farmers and modern farming, and she wanted to set the record straight about dairy farm life and on-farm sustainability. She now has a community of more than 73,000 followers. And she has had the opportunity to speak at national and global conferences about dairy sustainability including at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Committee on World Food Security and the Forbes AgTech Summit. Tara is also the Co-Founder of Elevate Ag, an online course to provide farmers and ranchers with the tools they need to successfully share their ag story and grow their businesses, and the Co-Founder of Discover Ag, a docuseries and podcast of being agriculture to people in a new way.

What can you expect to learn on this episode of Popular Pig?

  1. The real impact/value of animal agriculture on the planet.
  2. The need to properly inform and engage with consumers.
  3. What it actually means to support family farms.
  4. The many myths surrounding nutrition and animal protein.
  5. Tara Vander Dussen’s “golden nugget”