PigEasy’s Founding Story | Dave Klocke

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About the Guest

Lifelong pig and grain farmer, Dave Klocke is the founder and President of PigEasy, LLC, a swine equipment company that provides innovative solutions to improve pigs’ well-being and boost producers’ profit potential. In 2013, Dave and his wife, Karen, founded PigEasy, LLC after Dave invented products to help other pork producers streamline production and successfully feed their animals. He currently holds multiple patents and IPs for animal feeding, pig handling, and ventilation equipment. Dave continues to develop, test, and use all his innovations in his 2700 head farrow to wean operation outside of Templeton, Iowa. PigEasy products improve efficiency for pork producers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, and across the globe.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Dave Klocke is the recipient of the Iowa Farm Bureau’s Distinguished Service Award.
  • Dave’s early upbringing in agriculture and challenges faced along the way.
  • The initial idea and start of PigEasy and their first successful product, AI Saddle.
  • The invention of the Meal Meter to help revolutionize sow feeding.
  • PigEasy’s vision to improve welfare, sustainability and productivity.
  • Dave Klocke’s “golden nugget”.