Venture Capital & Funding Ideas in Agriculture | David Speller

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About the Guest

From vegetable farm manager to global ISO auditor, David then moved into the poultry sector when he purchased a UK broiler farm in 2004 and continues to operate a contract poultry farm management company in the UK. In 2018, David founded OPTIFarm. OPTIfarm is a very unique data driven support service, currently for poultry and swine, assessing real time farm data against animal behavioural knowledge and human considerations to increase productivity and welfare globally 24/7. David has a broad and open mind regarding the opportunities of data and digital solutions in farming and he has a passion for creating tangible value from digital solutions.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • The current fundraising mechanisms and if they are working for the swine industry.
  • How grants, incubators, accelerators and innovation awards help when developing a new startup business idea.
  • Whether VC type funding actually can match the longer term decision cycles in agriculture.
  • What VCs are actually looking for.
  • A better way to develop products based on a needs first approach.
  • How startups can truly understand what problems companies are willing to spend money fixing.