Semen Collection & Storage | John Quackenbush

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About the Guest

Mr. John Quackenbush is the Chief Commercial Officer at Minitube USA, Inc based in Verona WI.  After a 13-year career managing boar studs for Zoltenko Farms in Kansas, John moved to Wisconsin to work in Reproduction Sales.  In November of 2015, John led the startup of Minitube USA, in Delavan WI, a subsidiary of Minitube International.  In October of 2018, Minitube USA purchased the assets of MOFA Global and moved operations to Verona WI.  Since 2018, John has led the Sales and Service teams for Minitube USA, striving to offer the highest quality customer service, products, and consulting to porcine, bovine, equine, canine, ovine and other species, for use in assisted reproduction technologies. 

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • John Quackenbush and Minitube USA’s background.
  • The process of managing a boar stud.
  • The semen delivery process.
  • Best practices for semen handling and storage.
  • Semen mythbusting
  • John Quackenbush’s “golden nugget”