The Founding Story of Innovative Heating | Chris Grant

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About the Guest

Chris Grant is the President of Innovative Heating Technologies (IHT) out of Winnipeg, MB Canada. After a 15 year career managing plastic manufacturing that moved him around the country, he was looking for a change in life and career. In 2013 he took the leap and partnered with Matt Robins by purchasing IHT. By combining their plastics and electrical backgrounds, they were able to create the most energy efficient and reliable heat pad for farrowing. Their technology has helped clients around the world drastically reduce their energy consumption on their farms. IHT is also leading the development of other heating and cooling projects for commercial and agricultural applications which include a partnership with Purdue University on “Sow Cooling” to combat heat stress.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Chris Grant’s personal history and background.
  • How Chris got into the pork industry and came about owning IHT.
  • Why Chris completely changed the view and brand of the company.
  • The core products marketed by Innovative Heating.
  • The new products that are on the way.
  • Chris Grant’s “golden nugget”