Advances In Grow-Finish Mortality | Dr. Mike Tokach

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About the Guest

Dr. Mike Tokach is a University Distinguished Professor of Animal Sciences and Industry atKansas State University. Tokach joined K-State in 1991 and, as a swine nutrition researcher and extension specialist, is an author on more than 420 articles in scientific journals, 11book chapters and more than 1,100 extension and non-refereed articles. Tokach has received more than $22 million in research grants and gifts. He also has been awarded seven patents for his research and has given more than 350 invited lectures at national and international conferences. Tokach has also advised and mentored over 110 advanced-degree students and visiting professors since joining the university. Mike’s wife Lisa also specializes in Swine as a veterinarian. Together, they have three children, Sage, Rogan, and Fiona.

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • The National Pork Board efforts to reduce pig mortality.
  • The biggest drivers of nursery mortality.
  • Management areas that have been proven to reduce wean to finish mortality.
  • Differences in genetics and how they start on feed and how that influences mortality.
  • Suggestions to keep in mind when formulating diets to minimize wean to finish mortality.