The Story of a Pork Industry Veteran | John Nickel

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About the Guest

John Nickel is a seasoned pork producer and the esteemed owner and director of Border Genetics Ltd. With a rich history in the industry, John brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role. His deep understanding of pork production is not only evident in the success of Border Genetics but also in his influential position on the Board of Directors for Manitoba Pork. John’s commitment to excellence and innovation in pork production has made him a respected figure in the agricultural community, where he continues to contribute significantly to the industry’s growth and sustainability.

John Nickel

What you’ll get from this episode

  • John Nickel’s Career Progression: From starting as a worker in a hog barn in the 1970s to owning a 5,800 sow operation and exporting pigs to the U.S.
  • Early Challenges in Pork Farming: Overcoming obstacles such as neighborhood opposition, barn fires, and managing construction during farm expansion.
  • Economic Ups and Downs in Pork Industry: Discusses the financial challenges and market changes in the industry, especially during the late 1990s and early 2000s.
  • Personal Experiences and Stories in Farming: Sharing personal anecdotes from his farming journey, including experiences with cattle and the transition to focusing on pigs.
  • Consulting Experience in Kazakhstan: Insights from a consulting trip, interacting with farmers working on Soviet-era farms, and the challenges of working in a different cultural and regulatory environment.
  • Involvement with Manitoba Pork Association: Discussing his role and experiences on the Board of Directors, focusing on networking and contributing to the industry.
  • Views on Pork Consumption and Industry Trends: Thoughts on why pork consumption is not increasing despite being a value product, and reflections on the changing dynamics of the industry.