Edgewood Locker’s Journey of Innovation and Family Tradition | Luke Kerns

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About the Guest

Luke Kerns is part of the third generation that represents Edgewood Locker, an essential component of the Edgewood, Iowa, community, and agricultural fabric. Inheriting the legacy of his grandparents, Tom and Joan Kerns, who founded the business in 1966, and with the guidance of his father, uncle, sister, and two cousins, Luke stepped into the family enterprise in 2019.

He is committed to maintaining the traditional values and innovative spirit that have been the hallmark of Edgewood Locker’s growth from a modest meat processing operation to a formidable business with over 60 full-time employees, offering services that range from custom processing to retail. Luke’s involvement in this familial consortium highlights the Kerns family’s dedication to excellence, community engagement, and the continuous evolution of Edgewood Locker, promising to meet the changing needs of their customers with award-winning products and services.

Luke Kerns

What you’ll learn from this weeks episode:

  • How Luke’s family adapted to changing agricultural practices.
  • The role family played in Edgewood Locker’s dynamic evolution and growth.
  • The impact of diversification on business resilience and profitability.
  • How the Kerns family navigated business challenges during the pandemic.
  • Luke’s perspective on future trends in meat processing and local food sourcing.
  • Luke Kerns’ “Golden Nugget.