PigFlow in Action | Dakota Steber

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About Dakota Steber:

Dakota Steber, Assistant Manager at Borg Farms’ Newton Sow Farm in Illinois, has a deeply rooted connection to the agriculture sector, having been introduced to pig production at a very early age. Raised on the farm where his father worked, Dakota began assisting with chores when he was just six years old. Throughout his high school and college years, the farm remained a constant in his life. After a stint in the automotive industry in Alabama and serving six years in the United States Army Reserve, Dakota returned to his roots in 2018 to take on his current role.

Known for his humor, patience, and dedication, Dakota is lauded by colleagues for his effective training skills and commitment to animal welfare. He plays a pivotal role in integrating innovative technologies like the Pig Flow system into farm operations, enhancing both productivity and the work environment. His leadership skills are particularly noted in managing diverse teams and improving operational efficiencies across the farm.

Dakota lives with his partner, Desirae, and enjoys spending quality time with their children, Kholee, Sawyer, and Rylan. An integral part of the Borgic family, he values the familial atmosphere and the collective focus on team success.

Dakota Steber Family

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • PigFlow streamlined the data-entry process, reducing the burden on farm staff.
  • The platform helped to reduce stillborn rates, benefiting overall production efficiency.
  • PigFlow improved communication among team members, fostering better collaboration.
  • The task list feature provided by PigFlow helped the team stay organized and reduce stress.
  • Dakota’s “Golden Nugget” his own perspective on embracing change in the swine industry.