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Providing the Best Life For Pigs | Dr. Cara Haden

About the Guest

Dr. Cara Haden received her degree as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2014 from the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. After graduation, she joined Pipestone Vet Clinic as an associate Veterinarian working with independent pig farm clients throughout the Midwest. Today she serves as the Director of Animal Welfare for Pipestone. Cara is also active on social media, showcasing the swine industry and the ways farmers care for their pigs. 

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Transforming Healing in Healthcare & Developing SwineSeal 

About the Guest

An avid supporter of responsible, safe ingredients in medical device products, Dr. Greenhalgh has established a career of inventing, developing and launching medical products that meet the unmet needs of consumers, animals and medical professionals. With a focus on skin and wound care, Dr. Greenhalgh has patented a large breadth of technologies that promote skin health through a novel nanopolymer platform.

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National Pork Board Market Update | Bill Even & Joe Kerns

About the Guest

Joseph Kerns, President of Partners for Production Agriculture, has thirty years’ experience working with producers, suppliers, and mills to support agricultural operations. He leads a team of professionals with the purpose of understanding the financial parameters around agricultural markets so that those that he works with can thrive and prosper.

Bill Even is the Chief Executive Officer for the National Pork Board based in Des Moines, IA where he has responsibility for leading Pork Checkoff-funded research, promotion and education projects on behalf of the nation’s 60,000 pork producers.

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Experiencing the Pork Leadership Institute | Phillip Hord & John Wesley Hairr

About the Guest

John Wesley Hairr is the Recruiter with Murphy Family Ventures. He leads the recruiting efforts for the company engaging with students, faculty and staff at colleges, universities, and also high schools to attract new hires to the company. Prior to taking his role as Recruiter, John Wesley was a Farm Manager for Murphy Family Ventures. He understands the importance agriculture has in Southeastern North Carolina, and strives to share its impact through his Recruiter efforts. John Wesley is a member of the Pork Leader Institute class of 2022 and also a member of the Board of Trustees at James Sprunt Community College. John Wesley holds a degree in Agricultural Business Management from North Carolina State University.  

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The Spanish Market and Consumer Expectations | Oscar Toledano

About the Guest

After studying in the University of Lleida School of Agri-food and Forestry Science and Engineering, Oscar worked as a production manager in different large sow farms for 3 year. 22 years ago, joined Rotecna, where he has had the chance to cooperate with pig production and farm construction companies in more than 80 countries. Rotecna develops and manufactures innovative solutions in hog equipment and farm design to help the world’s best pig production companies to produce healthy animals with a great well-being in an efficient, sustainable and profitable way.”

What can you expect to learn from this episode of Popular Pig?

  • Oscar Toledano’s background
  • An overview of the Spanish market.
  • How things are done in Spanish pig farms.
  • The consumers’ expectations around welfare and sustainability.
  • Oscar Toledano’s “golden nugget”

The Founding Story of Innovative Heating | Chris Grant

About the Guest

Chris Grant is the President of Innovative Heating Technologies (IHT) out of Winnipeg, MB Canada. After a 15 year career managing plastic manufacturing that moved him around the country, he was looking for a change in life and career. In 2013 he took the leap and partnered with Matt Robins by purchasing IHT. By combining their plastics and electrical backgrounds, they were able to create the most energy efficient and reliable heat pad for farrowing. Their technology has helped clients around the world drastically reduce their energy consumption on their farms. IHT is also leading the development of other heating and cooling projects for commercial and agricultural applications which include a partnership with Purdue University on “Sow Cooling” to combat heat stress.

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Semen Collection & Storage | John Quackenbush

About the Guest

Mr. John Quackenbush is the Chief Commercial Officer at Minitube USA, Inc based in Verona WI.  After a 13-year career managing boar studs for Zoltenko Farms in Kansas, John moved to Wisconsin to work in Reproduction Sales.  In November of 2015, John led the startup of Minitube USA, in Delavan WI, a subsidiary of Minitube International.  In October of 2018, Minitube USA purchased the assets of MOFA Global and moved operations to Verona WI.  Since 2018, John has led the Sales and Service teams for Minitube USA, striving to offer the highest quality customer service, products, and consulting to porcine, bovine, equine, canine, ovine and other species, for use in assisted reproduction technologies. 

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